ICRC 2019 (Madison, WI, USA) Auger Papers


The Pierre Auger Observatory:
Contributions to the 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2019)
  • Energy Spectrum
  • Arrival Directions and Anisotropies
  • Nuclear Mass Composition, Photons, and Neutrinos
  • Hadronic Interactions and Shower Physics
  • Cosmology and Geophysics
  • Detectors and AugerPrime Upgrade
  • Outreach

Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory (ICRC2019)

The Pierre Auger Collaboration and the Telescope Array:
Full-sky searches for anisotropies in UHECR arrival directions with the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array

The EAS-MSU, IceCube, KASCADE-Grande, NEVOD-DECOR, Pierre Auger, SUGAR, Telescope Array, and Yakutsk EAS Array Collaborations:
Working Group Report on the Combined Analysis of Muon Density Measurements from Eight Air Shower Experiments

The Pierre Auger Collaboration and the Telescope Array:
The energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory and at the Telescope Array

The IceCube Collaboration, the Pierre Auger Collaboration, the Telescope Array Collaboration, the ANTARES Collaboration:
Search for correlations of high-energy neutrinos and ultra-high energy cosmic rays